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Shipping methodType of goods1 – 3 KG3.01 -10 KG11 KG or moreMaximum weightEst. Time
Air freight from China to SingaporeSensitive goods47 RMB31 RMB28 RMB25 KG5 – 7 working days
Air freight from China to SingaporeGeneral goods45 RMB28 RMB25 RMB25 KG5 – 7 working days
Actual weight or volumetric weight [(L x W x H (CM) / 6000)], the actual weight and volumetric weight take the larger value

Instruction Manual

  1. The above is RMB quotation
  2. Calculate the weight
    a. The actual weight of the first trip cost
    b. The actual weight of the last trip cost
  3. Prohibited items such as live products, liquids, powders, guns and ammunition are not accepted for shipping attributes .
    The goods rejected by our company include: e-cigarettes, drones, medicines, Buddhist supplies, sex supplies, gambling supplies, walkie-talkies, mobile phones,
    powdered items, etc.; it is prohibited to transfer dangerous goods, chemicals, flammable and explosive materials, and radioactive materials. , organic matter and other violations of transport perishable goods transport safety provisions, as well as national ban on the export or the country of destination to ban the import of products
  4. Service weight range
    weight: 0<W≤30kg
  5. Size requirements
    a. Singapore: the sum of length + width + height does not exceed 150CM, and the length of one side does not exceed 100CM

Special reminder: Once the customer agrees to accept our company’s services, it is deemed that the customer has read the remarks of this price list and our company’s shipping terms in detail , and accepts the constraints of the terms.

Additional charges for air freight from China to Singapore

If the delivery address is the following postal code or region, any of the following surcharges incurred during delivery must be borne by the sender (delivered).

Download the additional fee table: